best in show

Best in Show

It was time for Valletta Concours, our yearly appointment, a festival where the most beautiful and unique cars on the island are celebrated

best in show

Importing a vehicle

We have all seen that cars in other countries are somewhat more worth buying and at some point in time, the idea of importing vehicles from abroad crossed our mind. However, one tends to question, what is the process?

Bertha the 1974 Bug

I have always kept a small circle of friends and always a bit different from all the other girls at school. I was raised in a family which had a history in car racing and a middle child between two boys, who constantly talked about cars, engines, horsepower and more. All the more, I used to work a part time job and heard more about cars and restoration there, from two colleagues of mine. Interest started brewing to get my own car. I used to watch all of the Herbie film series and dream that one day I owned one. 

That time of the year again!

We all know the feeling, dragging to the insurers office every year to pay our car license and insurance, or even more frequently if you have more than one car or a fleet of classic cars.

It’s a dragging feeling yet a good one, when you know that if you have the right protection, it might be worthwhile in the future.

Valentine’s Day Petrolhead gifts!

it’s just a few days left till Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get thinking of the perfect gift ideas you can buy for your petrolhead partner. We are fed up of seeing lists of items which are impossible to find or far too expensive, so this is our take of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

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