MotoClassic Wroclaw 2023

Rotta x Śniadanie & Gablota

It was Monday 10th April when I received a message from my Polish brother Slawomir, one of the guys behind Śniadanie & Gablota who visited Malta with a group of his petrolhead friends last year. It was a very random question, asking whether I have any plans in August in which I just replied ‘Not yet’.

He asked if we were interested to join them in Poland for the MotoClassic Wroclaw, a classic car event at the Zamek Topacz, which has been absent for 3 years since Covid hit.

Coincidentally I’ve been there already so I knew it was a good idea. A quick message confirmed another two friends to join me and the next thing you know, we booked our flights for five nights in Poland.

The team over Śniadanie & Gablota (SnG) took care of the accomodation and VIP tickets for the show, so, we were treated like one of their own! They also made sure that we stayed close to the event and in the city centre. The accommodation ‘Odrzanska Residence’ was amazing, very modern with an amazing breakfast place ‘Dinette’ connected to the ground floor. On our arrival we found Rafal greeting us, it’s hard to miss him as he was the tallest guy around. We came out of the airport and he asked us to wait for 5 minutes in which we thought the Uber Driver was on his way as we won’t fit in his car but we were surely wrong! Over 12 classic cars from Klasyczna Strefa Wroclaw showed up with each of us having the possibility to choose in which car to go in.

Myself, considering I’m a big guy I went into this immaculate classic Jeep Cherokee where we stopped at a nearest fuel station for a small chat followed by another stop on top of the roof of a shopping centre, a go to for most petrolheads in Wroclaw.

The main event was on Saturday and Sunday so on our way we were already thinking of attractions we can visit on Friday but that was also wrong as they had a road rally planned for us which was open to participating classic cars and owners. This started at Zamek Topacz and it ended up at Muzeum Motoryzacji Wena w Oławie, a private classic car museum of over 300 vehicles of all sort in a city near Wroclaw which was soon to be opened in the coming weeks. Nicolai and Manuel (who joined me on this trip) went with Krzysztof Galar in his 1976 Mercedes 450 SLC where they also took part in the navigation and treasure hunt as part of the rally. I, on the other hand cheated a bit as I went with Michał Chełmowski for a modern use of transportation that had better AC system and a 5.0 naturally aspirated V8 engine, a Lexus LC 500. Check out some Reels from this trip on our Instagram page

We left Zamek Topacz and on our arrival at the car museum we just couldn’t believe our eyes, on the size and variety of cars! From a Maluch which was once owned by Bob Marley, a Fiat 126 as we commonly knew, to a variety of Ferrari’s and special cars that were only available in Poland.

We then went back to Zamek Topacz after having lunch where we met the SnG crew preparing their stand for Saturday and Sunday. Amongst the vehicles they had a Lamborghini Tractor which was once owned by Fabio Lamborghini and has all the documents to support it, a 2001 Clio V6 which I just had to get a feel in the driving seat as it was my dream car as a young kid, a 95’ Audi RS2 which was just a show stopper with a lot of people going around it all weekend, an 89’ Lancia Delta Integrale HF, a rally legend, a 93’ Ford Escort RS Cosworth and an 89’ BMW M5.
After all this and walking around to get a taste of the two days ahead, we were also invited for a BBQ at Bartosz place, the guy behind SnG Wroclaw, where I had to have a power nap half way through the night as I was trying too hard to keep my eyes open.

Everything was amazing especially the homemade mustard made by his better half Marcelka, we mixed it with everything!

Then it was time for Day 1! What a day! We visited all stands with a guided tour by Michal and apart from introducing us to all the local petrolheads, it included a stop for some Vodka and Pierogi.

As for the cars it was simply amazing and apart from the Lambo tractor there was also a Porsche Tractor with the owner giving some free rides around the show. Some highlights included the Lellek Stand (a local Dealer with a Porsche Stand) the 60th anniversary Lamborghini Stand including a Miura, a 350GT and an Islero amongst other Lambos. Transporter with some of his finest client’s cars including some McLaren, Porsche and Lambos. A Formula E Jaguar, a Ferrari SF90 and many other interesting cars! We ended the day meeting up with the rest of the team at a local bar in the city centre, making us experience the local spirit.

For day two of MotoClassic waking up early was not an option, so, after brunch we made our way to the show to continue where we left on Day 1, this included some jumping in the mix followed by a Shrimp House dinner, a local franchise specialising in Shrimp dishes. The last two days we spent them as the typical tourists in a city with some Bolt rides from one attraction to another and ‘Pitlane’ an indoor electric karting track. All in all it was one enjoyable experience with great friends, both local and foreign around.

Check out the whole album of photos of this trip on our Facebook page ‘Rotta’, we hope you enjoyed reading this article and please do get in touch if you have any questions or automotive stories worth sharing, you can email us on [email protected].


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