Rule #1 of selling a vehicle

Be Professional!

If you’re trying to SELL a vehicle remember the time you wasted when BUYING one. Either the seller didn’t provide the price in the description or you had to ask too many questions to understand the basic details and worst of all, the photos weren’t even clear enough to consider viewing.

The frustration of this elevates, when you’re looking for a vehicle worth a hefty sum. If one doesn’t have the time to take great photos or simply include all the basic details, how can you expect someone to bother even getting in touch?

This was the main reason we wanted to introduce Marketplace, a platform designed for the local high end market, where everything is visible, giving individuals the possibility of purchasing with confidence.

Within Marketplace one will find ALL THE INFORMATION REQUIRED, starting with the price to the photos, video and all the nitty gritty information one needs to know when purchasing a vehicle.

Listing the vehicle is FREE of charge, the only cost comes for the photos/videos our media team will be doing. And yes this is a requirement! because we believe cars worth a hefty sum deserve to get the best treatment.

Once the listing is live, we will then share it on all our social media platforms with like-minded individuals. (150,000 monthly views)

The only question you need to ask yourself is:
‘Do I have a vehicle worth spending money on to list it for sale professionally?’

Drop us a message and will have a chat.

Matthew Camilleri

Visual designer, classic car and motorcycle owner/enthusiast, vintage collector, love the great outdoors and when not working on Rotta, you might find him at a car boot sale near you.


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