The Start of it all!

From where did it all begin?

The concept of documenting the local automotive scene has been in the pipeline for years. However, with the daily work / life hustle this wasn’t an easy feat to put into action.

The platform Rotta was originally launched back in 2019 by Andrea Camilleri, designed with the purpose of giving him a place to share his automotive photography passion with the public.

2020 hit and COVID-19 struck hard with many people including both founders Andrea and Matthew Camilleri. That period extracted both a sense of frustration and void, with little to nothing to tackle. However empty space quickly turned into productive space.

This is where the magic happened! 

Andrea and Matthew have been friends prior to the re-birth of Rotta, typically meeting for the occasional car meet, most likely, co-organised by Matthew himself.

A couple of beers, drives and photos in between and the idea of merging both our passion turned into a reality. The idea of documentary filmmaking and storytelling within the automotive sector was born. Both founders have a passion for all things creative and a strong connection within the automotive scene. It was a no-brainer to collaborate. Prior to this both Andrea and Matthew would document visuals in their own form, Andrea through art and design within the creative art platform, ‘Torri’, a project he co-founded back in 2017 whilst Matthew, through automotive photography and narrative on the project he also co-founded, ‘Il-Garaxx’. 

The concept was far from an easy feat however time was definitely in our favor, this time round. Months of planning series, content planners, filming and editing went in before launching Rotta as we all know today.

A platform, keeping the passion of the automotive community alive with the aim of inspiring those who have been missing out. Keeping the phrase we believe in most at heart, our mantra; Sharing a Passion.

What’s happening behind Rotta’s doors and future goals?

The list of series ideas is endless! We started off with our most recognised series, ‘Stories’ and slowly added new and exciting episodes according to what the community wants to see. We are always working on creating new and exciting series within the automotive scene.

Rotta has turned into a community of automotive enthusiasts with the scope of inspiring those who were missing out. Just over a year has gone by but it’s just the beginning!

Let’s keep #sharingapassion together

<3 Team Rotta

Andrea Camilleri

Designer, Cinematographer and classic car/motorcycle enthusiast. Typically over caffeinated and always ready to work.


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